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Com Pho 99

Happy Family Day everyone!

Coming up next is a another new review, Com Pho 99, located on 11019 – 107 Ave.  For those uninitiated, ‘Pho’ is Vietnamese for Beef Noodle Soup and ‘Com’ is Vietnamese for Rice.  I have no idea why they have 99 in the name, could be Wayne Gretzky fans I guess.  The restaurant is cute and small with private sections in it, I didn’t know what to expect looking from the outside but it’s nice in here.


I ordered the ‘Sate Rice Noodle Soup‘ for $8.99.  My apologizes about the mixing things up in the before taking a picture of my meal, I was over-anxious waiting for my meal and it looked delicious when I first got it I totally forgot to take a presentation picture.  The meal is topped with cucumber slices, chopped red chilies, cilantro, peanuts, green and white onion slices.  It’s a standard looking pho broth with chili oil situation here, at least there seems to be a little bit more to it than some of the other places I’ve been.  The broth is nice and not over-salted, there’s a bit of added flavouring that I noticed when I flipped the noodles but they didn’t add too much flavour to it.  There was a decent amount of beef but a little lacking amount of noodles that were a tad bit overcooked.  Overall, the price of the meal for what you get a on the steep side, especially knowing that across the street at Thanh Son, price is $6.50 (review to come out next).


Broth: 2.5/5   Portion: 2/5   Overall Taste: 3/5   Value: 2.5/5

Overall Satisfaction: 2.5/5


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Fantasia Noodle House Express

I’m back, I’m alive!

Sorry for my extreme procrastination there folks, but I have a new review up.  I’m down to slim pickings now for restaurants with Satay Beef Noodle Soup, so changes will be coming soon.  Coming up next is Fantasia Noodle House Express on 11765 Jasper Ave.  Fantasia used to be on 105th Street on Jasper Ave but had to vacate the old location due to building renovations or something and was a full-fledged restaurant.  The new version of this restaurant is a express take out place with a trimmed down menu but offers a lot of tasty options, there’s only two tables there if you’re going to hang out and eat.


Among a list of tasty items, Fantasia offers ‘Beef Sate‘ for $8.00.  The meal comes out in a smallish take-out container that’s pretty thin, the soup is incredibly hot and the container becomes hard to hold, you definitely would want to use a bag if you have this for take-out.  The soup is a cloudy brownish colour with a very inviting peanuty scent, it’s a really delicious smell.  The meal is topped with green and red onions and is accompanied with a generous baggie of bean sprouts.  The broth has a nice sweet and savoury taste to it, very well done, although when you get to about the middle to the end of the meal, you get alternating bites of onion and then cilantro.  There’s a decent amount of noodles and a very generous offering of tender sliced raw beef.  The overall portion of the meal may not be worth the $8 but it’s decent enough.  I do want to make a bit of a point that the shape of the bowl makes it a little be hard to eat, I wouldn’t have minded having my own bowl and utensils for this meal but who does that?


Broth: 3.5/5   Portion: 3/5   Overall Taste: 3.5/5   Value: 2.5/5

Overall Satisfaction: 3/5


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No Review This Week…

Hey folks,

Usually there would be a brand spanking review today, but I will be missing this Monday’s review due to the fact that I procrastinated going to a restaurant till Sunday, found a place and then was given the wrong dish when my food arrived.  Oh well, see you guys next week.

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