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No Review This Week…

Hey folks,

Usually there would be a brand spanking review today, but I will be missing this Monday’s review due to the fact that I procrastinated going to a restaurant till Sunday, found a place and then was given the wrong dish when my food arrived.  Oh well, see you guys next week.

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The Origins of Brooklyn Tomato

Hi folks,

If you recall all the way back to my second review, I quipped that the name Brooklyn Tomato, would be perfect for an Italian restaurant not a Vietnamese one.  Don’t get me wrong, the food is delicious there and deserves a visit if you’re around the area, but I was very curious on how they came up with the name.  A friend of mine who lives in the area asked the owners for me, ‘Why Brooklyn Tomato?’.  Well, the answer is quite simple.

‘Brooklyn’ happens to be the owner’s daughter’s name, that’s very sweet.  Now where does the ‘Tomato’ come into play?  Well, that’s one of their pet names for Brookyln.

Dawww, that’s as sweet as a gaggle of fluffy kitties.

Regardless of the sweetness of how they decided to name the restaurant, putting those two words together still conjures the image of this:

I-a make it-a just for-a you!


Still trying to get it together…

Hey folks,

Well, this is the first Monday that I will not have an update out. For the past month, I’ve been a mix of sick or injured or sick and injured. I haven’t been 100% healthy in a long time and it has effected my writing as of late. I seem to be on the mend and I’ll be staying away from hockey for a month or so while I recover from a past injury. In the meantime while I recover, I’ll review and maybe rewrite the last couple of reviews since they are terrible in quality, in my opinion.

Anyways friends, I will seriously get back on track as soon as I can, I hope to have a brand new review plus some other posts that I had promised previously when I get a chance.


Get it together…

Hey folks, my apologies for the last post, Saigon Cuisine in Sherwood Park.  It’s not up to par to the quality that I strive to offer on my blog, I was horribly sick the weekend I was writing it up and could only focus enough to eke out whatever I came out with.  I will at some point review and clean up the post.  I will continue to strive to offer quality writing to my best ability for all my readers!



Oh noes…

Got some bad news in the world of WonderPho, my laptop crapped the bed and may significantly delay next weeks review until I extract files from my harddrive.  Here’s hoping that I can get things back in order before next week Monday.

Update: Pho Hoan Pasteur

Either I’m a liar or Pho Hoan Pasteur increased their prices, but anyways, I just checked recently and their price is different from what I had posted in my review.  Their large is $9.00 plus $1.50 for extra large.  Does that change the review?  Um…for the party platter for 4 sized portion you get for $10.50, this doesn’t change a thing.  Enjoy!

PS: I will update the price in my review as well.

Flirt Cupcakes

Say what? I’m talking about cupcakes now?

Well, this is a special occasion.  Today is Flirt Cupcakes’ 3 Year anniversary, easy date to remember, it’s every Valentine’s Day.  Now, why would I have vested interest in this store? The owners Rick Krupa and Michelle LeMoignan both play/ed on the same co-ed ice hockey team as me.  All three of us randomly signed up for co-ed hockey and by fate, we were all matched up on the same team called the ‘Nordiques’, after the first season, Michelle started a new team called the ‘Fury’ and both me and Rick as well as a few others signed up as well.

I can remember some nights on MSN, Michelle would contact me telling me about her idea about a cupcake shop in Edmonton, she definitely did her research, but was always worried, ‘am I crazy to do this? would a cupcake shop take off in Edmonton?’.  After much planning and deliberation and slowly telling people her plans, Rick finally came up to her and said he’d be interested on partnering up – that’s new, a pilot turned co-cupcake shop owner.  But after some talk, they went with it.

It was one day before their opening day, Rick, Michelle and two other people from our team, Jenn and Jessie, were hard at work getting the finishing touches done.  I stopped by to see if they needed a hand and to check things out.  The store still seemed gutted when I got there and there was about 12 more hours before they were going to start baking and serving customers.  I helped as much as I could and luckily I decided to program their electronic till that was quite the oversight at the time.

Being the only one that somewhat knew how the till worked after I programmed it, I volunteered to help run the till the next morning.  I spent the whole day and even skipped lunch because of how crazy busy the day was!  Everyone wanted cupcakes!  I was quite impressed at how a seemingly simple idea exploded and turned into a very successful business for both Rick and Michelle.

Well, 3 successful years later and even after Fuss opened up a second location on Whyte Ave. and other imitators started up in Edmonton, Flirt Cupcakes is still going strong as ever and has a second location on Jasper Ave.

Congratulations Rick and Michelle, and good luck in the future!



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