Pho 97

Huzzah Hockey Fans!

The Oilers returned last night and won and I got another review for you all today, isn’t it already a good start to the week?  Coming up next in the ‘Golden Triangle of Vietnamese Restaurants’ on 97 Street, north of the Yellowhead is Pho 97 on 12913 – 97 Street.  I call the area the ‘Golden Triangle of Vietnamese Restaurants’ because Pho 97 is about two stores away from Pho Song Huong and across the street is Thanh Da, effectively making a triangular shaped area of Vietnamese restaurants.  Unfortunately Pho Song Huong doesn’t have Satay Beef Noodle Soup.

For shame...

So sad…


I ordered the ‘Large Sate Pho‘ for $7.95, for this price I was thinking I’d be getting a small meal but I get a average sized bowl for a below average price, good start so far.  But unfortunately, the soup that I get is essentially standard pho broth with chili oil…my worst enemy.  Much to my chagrin though, the broth is very tasty and the chili oil does add some depth to the broth, it surprisingly has some kick to it.  The broth has a nice light beefy flavour that’s not overly salty.  Within the broth, there is just a few slices of white and green onions.  There’s also a melody of beef parts that you find in a ‘Pho Dac Biet‘; beef flank, steak, brisket, tendon (yum!), tripe (meh!) meatballs (double yum!) and a generous amount of velvety noodles with the meal.  Overall, the price is right and the meal, while not anything overly special, is still a very good meal.


Broth: 2/5   Portion: 4/5   Overall Taste: 3/5   Value: 4/5

Overall Satisfaction: 3/5


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  • Onward to 2013! New developments with the blog will happen soon as I am running out of restaurants to review :P #yeg----- 5 years ago
  • Need confirm if these restaurants have Satay beef noodle soup: Fantasia (11765 Jasper) Pho 97 (12913-97 st) Rice Pad (9616-165 ave) #yegfood----- 5 years ago
  • Need confirmation that the following restaurants have Satay Beef Noodle Soup: Thanh Son (11012 107 ave) Midnight Sun (11003-124 st) #yegfood----- 5 years ago

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