Rice King

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New review coming at you! Rice King on 12966 82 St, the bright and shiny part of Edmonton that I didn’t really know existed.  I’m quite curious what’s out here but surprisingly this is the first and only Vietnamese restaurant out here.  While I was here, I learned that Rice King was originally just a Chinese restaurant (deep-fried everything swimming in sauce kind of Chinese restaurant) and just recently, new owners bought the place and added a Vietnamese menu.  Which oddly enough, looks incredibly similar to Pho Hoan Pasteur’s menu.  If this is anything like Pho Hoan, I’ll be a very happy person.


On the menu, listed under Chicken Soups is ‘Beef Sate Pho with Peanuts‘ for $9.00 plus $1.25 for extra large.  Just to recap, Pho Hoan Pasteur’s extra large is remarkably large, enough for two people and delicious.  I’m looking forward to having a really good meal since the past couple haven’t been great in my books.  When the food comes out, it turns out that this meal is different.  The bowl is smaller than Pho Hoan’s and is more of an average size for the total price of the meal.  The light orangey broth has a delicious and very inviting scent.  The meal is topped with thin white onion slices and green onions with a healthy helping of chopped cilantro.  The broth has the right amount of salty and savouriness to it, it’s lighter tasting while still flavourful even with the amount of cilantro that’s added to it which I originally was concerned that would steal some taste out of the broth.  There’s a filling amount of noodles and a very generous supply of thinly sliced beef.  Overall, I was happy with my meal, it doesn’t compare to the epicness of Pho Hoan Pasteur but this is still a very good meal.


Broth: 4/5   Portion: 3.5/5   Overall Taste: 4/5   Value: 3.5/5

Overall Satisfaction: 3.5/5


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